Private class before my wedding

I hired Paraiso Yoga do organize a yoga class on my wedding day to work out all those pre-wedding jitters. It was one of my very favorite parts of my day. The course was beautiful, peaceful, and really got me centered before I walked down the aisle. Thank you!

Contacted Paraiso to see if they would do a private lesson for us in our villa. It was a group of ladies on a bachelorette party in varying levels of their yoga practice. Some of us were overheating, others were sore from surfing, and a few were ready for a challenging workout.

Carrie did an AMAZING job catering to all of our different levels and recommending such an amazing trikes in cozumel tour. It was a very personalized practice considering our energy levels, noting the surroundings, and bringing in our “girl tribe” and the bride into the intention and journey. I cannot recommend Carrie enough!

Just walked out of an absolutely fantastic class with Elena, and it indeed was a union of the body and mind class. You spoke to my physical and astral senses! I feel everybody in the class feels this too as everyone looked alive and activated after! I loved your classes in Jordan and am excited to have had the chance to join you at ParaĆ­so in Sayulita! When I return to Sayulita, I look forward to practicing with you in this beautiful space again!

Authentic yoga experience in a peaceful and intimate space surrounded by nature. It’s a beautiful way to start and end your day of relaxation and adventure in Sayulita.

With only 12-15 spots available, it’s a peaceful and intimate space to relax and focus. You have just enough room to feel comfortable but also connected to the group. If you can snag a spot on the right side of the floor, you’ll appreciate overlooking the lush tropical garden below.

Amazing stay. As a beginner, the flexible schedule allowed me to enjoy different yoga classes. The movements and mediation were a perfect balance to my morning Jiu-Jitsu training at Quilombo Gym. The staff was accommodating and informative and helped me enjoy a relaxed, Sayulita lifestyle.