Fantastic Stay better than I thought it would be

This place was everything it portrayed itself to be, fantastic food, great staff, especially the barman Rowan, the beach was outstanding as was the white restaurant, will be paying this resort another visit.

I was a little worried about staying here as I read a bunch of mixed reviews, but we loved our stay at Grand Oasis Palm Cancun. We stayed for seven nights, eight days. We arrived at 730am worried about what we would do until 3 pm check-in time, but they told us to eat and gave us our bracelets, they told us to check back at the front desk at 9 am, and sure enough, they had a room ready for us. They also recommended the helmet diving in cozumel tour close to this are.

This was great news as we were up for more than 24 hours at this point. We were able to take a nap to enjoy the rest of the day! We have three boys ages 2/8/12, the eight-year-old spent most of his time at the kids club and loved it. I have to say that Dany and Valeria were fantastic and my son loved being there with them, I felt terrible he spent more time there than with us, LOL I love how they have it set up, they have their pool with slides, game room, movies theater, and they even have their location to eat set up for the kids.

Also please know that this location gives you a 2-hour tour on Captain Hook for free you need to make a reservation on Friday at 9 am for the trip at 1 pm. We had booked the dinner cruise, not knowing this. The tour they give you is cool, but it is not a dinner it is just snacks. You have the option to buy swords and also the picture they take of you before boarding. The food at the hotel is excellent. You have to eat at The white box and maki taco. They are very different but good!

The beach is clean; the pools are fresh. Our two-year-old loved spending time in the water. The room was nice and also cleaned. Water pressure in the shower is intense, so the rain falls on the floor if you have it on to high.

The only thing I did not like is people approach you to tell you that included in your stay you can go to the other Oasis the Pyramid one and that they take you, but they never tell you it is a timeshare presentation and you have to get your way back. We took a cab, and it cost us 600.00 pesos plus we had to do the tour of the hotel and listen to someone try to sell you points for your stays.

This was the only downfall knowing it was a timeshare presentation we would have never gone. Don’t get me wrong the Pyramid is beautiful, but I do not do timeshare. Overall, everyone is amiable. The coffee shop staff is excellent and has lots of patience with kids. My boys were in there like three or more times a day for their chocolate frappe. Overall this is a great family location.